Vanquish ME™

Vanquish ME™ – A Breakthrough in Fat Removal Never Thought Possible

Vanquish ME™ is a non-invasive body treatment that decreases your unwanted fat. Unlike invasive surgical treatments to remove fat, Vanquish ME™ instead uses radio frequency (RF) technology to reduce the much hated fat cells. The treatment sessions are short and painless, with no need of anesthesia or pain medication. Best of all, is there is no downtime.*

Vanquish ME™ heats the fat in the abdomen, and now thighs, without harming the skin or surrounding muscle tissues. This is done through selective RF waves which heat your undesired fat cells to a temperature that reduces them without harming your muscle tissues or skin cells. After the fat cells have died, your body will naturally wash them away.

During the procedure, Vanquish ME™ is placed over the targeted part of the body without actually touching the skin. The heat reduces the fat, causing noticeable improvement in the treated area. In 4 weekly sessions, approx. 60% of the fat in the area is improved.

Z Wave – Give Your Vanquish ME™ Results a Boost!

Zimmer ZWave is particularly effective immediately following Vanquish ME™ fat reduction treatments. ZWave is scientifically proven to improve connective tissue under the skin and increase blood circulation and your results. Here at Milwaukee Laser & Body Aesthetics, we are able to use the Zimmer ZWave to perform a uniform and concise massage of the treated tissue. This has been shown through controlled studies to increase the percentage of fat absorption by almost double. ZWave is COMPLIMENTARY with every Vanquish ME™ treatment, so our patients get the best results possible.*

Vanquish ME™ FAQ's

What is Vanquish ME™?

Vanquish ME™ is a state of the art fat reduction technology that heats and reduces unwanted fat cells. The non-invasive procedure is praised as a highly effective, pain-free, low-risk, no downtime method of fat reduction.*

Is Vanquish ME™ painful?

The non-invasive procedure is a highly effective, pain-free, low-risk, no downtime method of fat reduction. No anesthesia is used during the procedure.*

Do I need to take off work after treatment?

No downtime at all. Patients are able to work and do other normal routines immediately afterwards.*

Vanquish fat removal

Can I do anything to maximize the results of a Vanquish ME™ treatment?

Hydration is key and it is recommended that patients are well hydrated before and after their Vanquish ME™ treatment. This will help flush out the destroyed fat cells from your body. Another way to get better results from the treatment is to get ZWave treatment done right after Vanquish ME™ treatment.*

Vanquish Before/After photos
Vanquish Before/After photos
Vanquish Before/After photos
Vanquish Before/After photos