Vaginal Tightening

As women go through childbearing, hormonal changes and aging, they can experience changes in their genitalia.  These changes can impact a woman’s quality of life in ways that include vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, decreased sensation and a reduction in the tone of the labia majora.

The BTL Ultra Femme 360™ is a non-surgical technology that uses radio frequency energy to treat and restore vaginal tightness and function.

What is Vaginal Laxity?

Pregnancy and vaginal delivery often leads to stretching and trauma of the vaginal canal.  Having large babies or multiple vaginal deliveries, as well as the normal process of aging, frequently leads to vaginal laxity.

How does the treatment work?

The Ultra Femme 360™ delivers radio frequency energy through a slender probe that gently heats the vaginal walls, external labia and surrounding areas. The controlled heat is continuously adjusted to maximize the patient’s comfort, and results in a treatment that causes no pain and is well tolerated. The radio frequency waves cause tightening by increasing blood flow, stimulating new collagen formation and allowing for more simultaneous muscle contractions of the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles.

Every “body” is different and custom tips are available for optimal patient comfort.  The procedure causes no pain or discomfort, requires no anesthesia, and has zero downtime. You can easily schedule your Ultra Femme 360™ treatment and return to your daily activities immediately.

Can radio frequency vaginal rejuvenation help stress incontinence?

A recent study using radio frequency energy showed that roughly 70% of women with stress incontinence experienced significant improvement.

Mild stress incontinence may occur with running, coughing, laughing or jumping.  More serious stress incontinence should be evaluated by a urologist.

What are the risks?

Vaginal discharge, possible temporary tenderness, mild redness and swelling have been reported.  A feeling of intense heat or blistering is possible, but rare.

What are common benefits after treatments?

*Tightening of the vaginal canal, vaginal opening and perineum

*Plumping and tightening of the labia majora

*Firming and lifting of the labia minora

*Increased blood flow to the clitoris

*Increased sensitivity and vaginal lubrication

*Enhanced orgasms

*Reduced symptoms of stress incontinence

*Improved comfort and quality of life!

While patients may notice improvements after their initial treatment, optimal results require a series of 3 treatments. To maintain these results, we recommend a single treatment once a year.

Can the appearance of the labia majora improve?

RF energy can affect the skin of the labia majora by inducing collagen tightening, thus improving the external appearance.

Ultra Femme 360™ BEFORE

Thin, fragile vaginal wall

Ultra Femme 360™ AFTER

Thicker, more youthful vaginal wall

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