Our Practice

Inspiration can strike at any time and place. Mine hit in fourth grade during an appointment with an eye doctor on the south side of Milwaukee. As I tried on my first pair of eyeglasses and experienced how my vision improved so dramatically, my vision of a future career also became clear. I was going to be a doctor!

I began medical school in 1992 and observed the practice of Phlebology, the treatment of venous disorders. Although I chose a residency in Family Medicine, I also wanted to pursue specialty training in Phlebology and would complete this in 2004.

I take great pleasure in hearing my patients say that they no longer suffer from aches and pains in their legs. They share that their symptoms of fatigue and restlessness are gone, and that they are now able to resume normal activity without discomfort. I have an excellent team, and together we all receive tremendous satisfaction in seeing our patients benefit from our care. The treatment we use is minimally invasive. Patients do not need to miss work and often begin to notice improvement within days of their first visit. I invite you to visit our office and see how we can help make your legs feel great so that you can enjoy life!