Botox® Cosmetic & Injectables


Botox® (botulinum toxin) Cosmetic is the first and only FDA-approved product to temporarily improve both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet lines around the sides of the eyes.

In order for muscles to contract, nerves release a chemical messenger, acetylcholine, at the junction where the nerve cell endings meet the muscle cells. The acetylcholine attaches to receptors on the muscle cells and causes the muscle cells to contract. Injected botulinum toxin prevents the release of acetylcholine, preventing the contraction of the muscle cells, and allowing the muscles to become less stiff.

When Botox® Cosmetic is administered by an expert, you should not lose the ability to show expressions.*


  • In 2012, Botox® Cosmetic became the first product of its kind in the United States to receive FDA approval for moderate to severe frown lines
  • In 2013, it became the first and only product to receive FDA approval for moderate to severe crow’s feet
  • Botox® is the #1 selling product of its kind in the world
  • 11 million treatments for moderate to severe frown lines have been performed since 2002
  • Botox® is approved in 78 countries for aesthetic use
    *data collected through June 2013


The broad answer is fillers fill in lines and wrinkles on the face. They can also be used to plump lips and fill hollow areas. Here are some of the areas they work best:*

  • Lines from the nose to mouth (nasolabial fold)
  • Lines from the mouth to the chin (melomental fold)
  • Lines above the upper lip
  • Frown lines (best combined with Botox® Cosmetic)
  • In the lips for volume and definition
  • To restore volume to the cheekbones or cheeks

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most commonly used type of wrinkle filler. Juvederm Voluma® XC contains a modified hyaluronic acid, derived from a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body. It is gently injected by your healthcare professional under the skin using a fine needle. Results last from several months to over a year. Side effects are uncommon.

Juvederm Voluma® XC is injected under the skin to add volume and gently lift the cheek area. As you age, your cheeks lose volume and the skin may sag. By injecting Juvederm Voluma® XC, you restore contour and create a subtle lift instantly. This helps restore a more natural looking youthful profile. Results can last up to two years. Side effects are infrequent.

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